As you wander through a garden, large or small, you may suddenly be faced with a strategically place work of metal garden art.

Although puzzled at first, you move closer to get a better look and are surprised to discover that those are not ducks in the pond but bronze feet appearing to walk across the water!

As you continue on your adventure you find two dogs digging in the dirt, the upper half of one disappearing into his newly dug hole. But no, those are not real dogs. To your delight you discover they are bronze replicas perfectly capturing the dogs in their frenzied activity.

What other surprises will this garden reveal?

If you had explored the Royal Botanical Garden in Burlington, Ontario in the summer of 2009 you might also have discovered a 10′ wide rusted metal spider in his web, half-a-dozen giant metal men in tuxedos and a stylish bronze scarecrow. Each adding their own whimsical touch to an already inspiring garden. From small city yards to magnificent public gardens metal garden art can be used to charm and entrance.

metal garden scarecrow metal garden art spider

Although most people will not have ponds with magical feet, there is a wide variety of wonderful metal garden art to suit every taste and budget.

Metal garden sculptures which can be found in steel, copper, bronze and even recycled metal are very popular. Place a metal cat on the fence or hide an alligator in the grass. The large red moose emerging from the bushes looks striking in the snow. A dancing bunny or grinning dog with his bone will add a playful touch. For an exotic feel hang a colorful metal gecko or tree frog on your fence. The possibilities are endless.

metal_garden_stakes_butterflyAnother option is metal garden stakes which are easy to move around and can brighten up a dull spot. Garden stakes of large colorful flowers or crazy critters add a whimsical touch to any yard.

Exploring gardens is one of my favorite pastimes. I love all the beautiful plants, but I am equally thrilled by the garden art that I encounter on my journey. Embrace your inner artist and add some wonderful, whimsical metal garden art to your outdoor decor.

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