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Spring is in the air. The big garden shows are gearing up. Time to go shopping for some wonderful metal garden art.

One of the things I love about this time of year is the promise in the air. The promise of warm weather and blooming flowers. Of exciting times ahead.

rusted metal garden art

Canada Blooms 2004

I love to attend the Canada Blooms garden show, because it helps dispel the lingering chill in the air. Surrounded by rows upon rows of fragrant spring flowers, and beautiful landscaped gardens, it is a little bit of paradise. You never know what secrets await you around the corner – like this rusted metal car, half-buried in the daffodils.

It is also my opportunity to shop for unique, quirky and one-of-a-kind metal yard art. Every year I find some interesting pieces to add to my collection. Recycled metal sculptures, rusted garden stakes, and garden lanterns. My finds are usually quite eclectic.

Gardening shows also are gathering places of like minded souls. Often I go by myself because it gives me the opportunity to wander around at my leisure, take in all the sights and sounds, and stop and converse freely.

Gardeners are very giving folks and like to share their wisdom and experience. The different horticultural societies are always present,  so it you are a lover of daylilies – like me – you can stop and  chat with the friendly souls at the Ontario Daylily Society.

While wandering around though I am always on the lookout for just one more piece of metal garden art. Because you can never get enough of a good thing. Time to go shopping!

The Basics of Metal Garden Art

This article on metal garden art is close to my heart. Ivan is another fan of metal garden decor, who appreciates its beauty as well as its versatility. Whether you are looking for good “bones” for your garden, a formal structure, or an ornament to increase its aesthetic appeal year round, metal yard art can fulfill your requirements.

Metal Garden Art and the Basics of Metal Garden Art

By Ivan Smith

Metal garden art has been around for a long time. If you look at garden art as a part of outdoors art, the earliest examples may be the huge line drawing on the plateaus of Central America. More common are the statues and fountains of the ancient Romans and Greeks. While the use of metal is an ancient one, its use in art forms suitable for garden use is a fairly recent development.

A good gardener knows that landscaping begins with the “bones” of the garden. What he means is the “bones” are permanent fixtures around which the garden is designed. The fixtures can be trees, fountains, large works of metal garden art or anything that is part of the garden but is either immovable or difficult to reposition. Metal garden art is, of course, more than just a frame or accent for your garden. It can provide you with a place to sit or shade under which you can enjoy the outdoors.

Perhaps more than even the interiors of the house, the beauty of a garden lies in the eyes of the beholder. Metal garden art allows you to place what you want where you want to enhance the appeal of your open spaces. When designing your garden, it is best not just to say that you want pieces of art at specific places. You need to know what exactly you will be placing where. The area around a metal flamingo needs to be different from that below a metal wind chime hanging from a branch. Find or get fabricated the pieces you want, in the styles and sizes you want and then lay out the garden. If you are working with a contractor, have him find what you are looking for. They will have far better resources than you do to find what you want. In case what you are looking for is not available, a contractor will know where if can be made. If what you want is outside your budget, the contractor may be able to offer cheaper alternatives.

Remember that metal garden art is not limited to just decorative items. Wrought iron furniture will liven up your garden and give it an artistic touch. Walkway coverings such as trellises are a great way of creating a secluded spot. Why not look at metal bird houses or rabbit hutches if you are a wildlife lover? Anything metal in your garden that is not just functional but adds to the over appeal of the space is metal garden art.

To be different you can look at using old household items, either your own or those bought at a garage sale, as metal art. And old metal bucket can look nice as a flower pot in a moss covered corner. Or an old ornate bathtub used as a planter. Strategically placed hubcaps can be used to hold floating lilies. The beauty of metal garden art is that it can be anything that adds appeal. The only requirement, of course, it that it be made of metal.

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Spice Up Your Yard With Metal Garden Decor

If your yard is looking a little unexciting and lacking in character, it could be time for you to add some metal yard art.

Metal garden decor can be playful or practical. It can be used to add structure and form to a uninspiring landscape or to add an eye-catching center point to your yard.

When designing a garden, structure is extremely important. One easy way to add definition and structure to a garden is with a big metal archway. They are simple to setup and require minimum maintenance. Add a climbing rose or vine and the covered metal arbor will entice your visitors to walk through and discover the secrets beyond the doorway. Metal trellises aren’t just functional plant supports. They are often creative pieces of art that are gorgeous on their own. Even without plants they add vertical interest by drawing the eye upwards into the garden.

For bird lovers metal bird baths and bird feeders offer a spot for their feathered friends to rest and recover. Migratory birds often travel thousands of miles and look for safe havens on their long journey. Add a beautiful metal birdbath and squirrel-proof bird feeder and you will have many grateful guests.

Copper rain chains replace ugly downspouts with attractive copper chains and cups which direct the water down from the roof. Also referred to as “kusari doi”, rain chains originated from Japan centuries ago and were used to capture rainwater in basins below. A copper rain chain turns a dreary downspout into a elegant water feature as the rain gently cascades down the copper. Soothing to the ears as well as the eyes they are a pleasure to behold.

Many people use metal garden decor to add style to their yards. Large bronze or stainless steel sculptures tend to be focal points in large gardens. More commonly people add smaller sculptures, stakes or wall art to generate interest or liven up a dull spot. Some pieces are surreptitiously placed and surprise or delight when they’re discovered. A metal cat may sit on a fence or an alligator lurk within the bushes. A metal frog can be found climbing up the trellis. Have your flowers started to fade? A colorful metal sunflower or two will fill the holes.

Metal garden decor is a fun way to improve your outdoor living space and add your personal touch.

Ann Wallis

As you wander through a garden, large or small, you may suddenly be faced with a strategically place work of metal garden art.

Although puzzled at first, you move closer to get a better look and are surprised to discover that those are not ducks in the pond but bronze feet appearing to walk across the water!

As you continue on your adventure you find two dogs digging in the dirt, the upper half of one disappearing into his newly dug hole. But no, those are not real dogs. To your delight you discover they are bronze replicas perfectly capturing the dogs in their frenzied activity.

What other surprises will this garden reveal?

If you had explored the Royal Botanical Garden in Burlington, Ontario in the summer of 2009 you might also have discovered a 10′ wide rusted metal spider in his web, half-a-dozen giant metal men in tuxedos and a stylish bronze scarecrow. Each adding their own whimsical touch to an already inspiring garden. From small city yards to magnificent public gardens metal garden art can be used to charm and entrance.

metal garden scarecrow metal garden art spider

Although most people will not have ponds with magical feet, there is a wide variety of wonderful metal garden art to suit every taste and budget.

Metal garden sculptures which can be found in steel, copper, bronze and even recycled metal are very popular. Place a metal cat on the fence or hide an alligator in the grass. The large red moose emerging from the bushes looks striking in the snow. A dancing bunny or grinning dog with his bone will add a playful touch. For an exotic feel hang a colorful metal gecko or tree frog on your fence. The possibilities are endless.

metal_garden_stakes_butterflyAnother option is metal garden stakes which are easy to move around and can brighten up a dull spot. Garden stakes of large colorful flowers or crazy critters add a whimsical touch to any yard.

Exploring gardens is one of my favorite pastimes. I love all the beautiful plants, but I am equally thrilled by the garden art that I encounter on my journey. Embrace your inner artist and add some wonderful, whimsical metal garden art to your outdoor decor.

No yard is complete with out at least one work of marvellous metal yard art.

Even the most die hard gardening purists have been seen quietly sneaking an item or even two into their backyard. Considering the variety of artists working in this field and the selection of materials to pick from, the options are endless. Whatever your style, you will discover at least one item of metal garden art to provide year-round color and personality in your garden.

Steel is easily the most popular metal used to create metal garden decor because it’s affordable, adaptable and simple to work with. It’s utilized to create garden statues, garden stakes, garden wall art and metal garden decor like bird feeders, wind spinners and lanterns. Steel may be varnished, painted or left in its natural state to rust. Some artists actually mix rusted steel with treated metal to create pieces with a really distinctive look. For a more contemporary look, rust resistant stainless steel is used to produce impressive, architectural works.

A lot of the most innovative, enjoyable and fanciful pieces of metal yard art I’ve seen are produced from recycled metal. Recycled metal oil tanks or drums, discarded bikes or trikes, broken tools and nuts and bolts, all of these become the raw materials for the creative eco-artist. A broken rake becomes a bird and an rusted oil drum is incarnated as a happy pig.

Copper is popular for metal yard art as it is attractive, long lasting and brings classiness to virtually any garden. When left to oxidize it’ll age beautifully to a natural green patina. Alternatively it can be preserved using a clear coating to keep its bright, shiny look. Copper sculptures, garden stakes and wall art add a touch of elegance to any decor.

For a more traditional look add a bronze garden statue. Bronze sculptures have been about for thousands of years and have been built to pay tribute to fallen heroes, leaders as well as saints. Today they include more playful subjects like children and their pets. Bronze statues continue to be popular these days because they’re classic, timeless and can last for generations.

Metal garden decor can add beauty, elegance or whimsy to any garden. Whatever your style, classic, modern or simply playful, metal garden art will warm your heart on even the coldest winter day.