Garden Art DIY Easy Weld

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Garden Art This short video shows some examples of art in the garden. Ornaments and sculptures like these add colour and character amongst the flowers, plants and landscaping. Garden Art is a fun subject for kids who are into making crafts at home. Make your own garden art for the lawn and yard!

Metal Art: Lollipop Flower I think it be really fun to have a bunch of different colors of these in the garden or in certain sections of the lawn/yard. This is a DIY step step by vid on how to make one. Super simple and made from recycled materials team green go tree hugger upcycled materials steel

This unique slideshow features a step creation of a chainsaw chain bar face with my drum playing in the background.

Copper pour

Melting and pouring copper in backyard foundry flower pot foundry making ingots melting metal back garden art sculpting

How to Weld a Sea Turtle from scrap metal

Metal Artist takes you step by step through the process of making a sea turtle out of scrap metal. It’s fun=). Don’t forget to visit my blog at Thanks!

SilverWare Dragonfly by shows you how to take some scrap silverware along with a lifting rod from a car motor plus a nut and bolt to bring it all together making a metal art dragonfly. People love to put these in the garden or in planters next to plants. People will do a double take. Every one of these is an original one of a kind. presents to you how make a dragonfly out of old silverwareand and a lifting rod out of an old car engine. Plus a nut and bolt. This is a simple but cool project and these make great little additions to your yard or garden and it’s re-using material that would have gone to the dump or scrap yard. shows you how to weld a unique metal garden flower from a used saw blade and chainsaw chain.

Scrap Metal Garden Art

Allen Miles, is a garage shop fabricator, who make wild and creative sculptures from discarded metal – antique metal parts, old engines, scrap metal and even some animal skulls.