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Garden Art This short video shows some examples of art in the garden. Ornaments and sculptures like these add colour and character amongst the flowers, plants and landscaping. Garden Art is a fun subject for kids who are into making crafts at home. Make your own garden art for the lawn and yard!

Metal Art: Lollipop Flower I think it be really fun to have a bunch of different colors of these in the garden or in certain sections of the lawn/yard. This is a DIY step step by vid on how to make one. Super simple and made from recycled materials team green go tree hugger upcycled materials steel

Metal Art: Metal Flower Garden is an addition to my metal art garden that I posted in the previous video.

Wacky Metal Flower Garden-Unique Metal Art

Free MP3 I first fell upon this song because of a fun game someone special made me discover where you try to guess a movie by listening only to the soundtrack with youtube videos. When I happened to find the Garden State soundtrack, I pretty much fell in love instantly with almost all the songs. Oddly enough, I didn’t particularly like this song… :P Strange how people can change your perceptions :) I recorded the main guitar first, then the vocals and finally added a subtle bass. If you give it the chance, it’s the type of song that grows on you. I can only hope to write something as beautiful as this one day! :D Check out the original version by the postal service. A really upbeat song: And this is the Iron & Wine acoustic version: The recording was done with a BR-1200 portable studio. Thanks for listening! :) Feel free to comment and give your opinion! You can always write me if you have any questions regarding the BR-1200. Having a lot of fun with it ;) Such great heights lyrics Mike cover acoustic BR-1200 lullaby whisper fun love eyes postal service iron wine “olympic games” soundtrack “animation short” series “handheld console” “animation art” spirituality guitar escape wii maiden nintendo experimental psp anime reel documentary “iron maiden”

Tar Tar the Harmless Dragon is a kinetic sculpture. He’s made completely from recycled metal. “Kinetic” means energy in motion. He will move up and down for up to 10 minutes before stopping and if he’s placed outside he will constantly move gently in the wind. He came to be from the motorcycle springs and solid metal “feet” that were donated. I knew that the “feet” were heavy enough to hold a lot of leveraged weight easily. His body is made from some sort of steel ball float and his mouth is an old pair of metal calipers that were used with the pulley wheels on farm equipment to keep rocks and other debris from getting stuck between the pulley belts. For more info go to

I promised to show you my erection in video #2… but filling up the hole stole the show. Next… THE ERECTION!