Baumans Greenhouse Gallery

Bauman’s has their annual Greenhosue Gallery event. We stop by to see some of the great art that they will have on display

For more art work check out; It is called “FIGHT I” The dimensions are; 57x24x1.5″ (145x61x4cm)

For more art work check out; It is called “SILVER BALL OF FORTUNES” The dimensions are; 48″ wide- 24″ tall – 1.5″ deep (122x61x4cm).

Welded Steel Sculpture with 3 pair of speakers built into it. Speakers in this video are playing 3 copies of a cd composed by the J3 Group. The 3 cd’s each had the tracks in different orders. The 3 pairs of speakers would play different tracks, be silent, or combinations of tracks. While they created the cd I created Semi Conductor Emissary here at my studio in Wauwastosa Wisconsin. Wauwatosa is in Milwaukee County near Lake Michigan.

For more art work check out; It is called “OCEAN DANCE” The dimensions are; 64x24x1.5″ (163x61x4cm).

For more art work check out; It is called “THEY DISAPPEARED” The dimensions are; 47x24x1.5″ (120x61x4cm). In Rincon PR, Jewelry, oil paintings, souvenirs and sculptures by local artist. http

Eric Ehlenberger Art

The artwork of Eric Ehlenberger. Eric Ehlenberger creates sculptures using neon lights and metal. His Venusian garden sculptures are a series of neon Jellyfish, flora and marsian like plants based on his imaginary vision of planet Venus. He combines free standing, wall mounted and hanging sculptures in exhibits to create an otherworldy marsian atmosphere. In his own glass light gallery in New Orleans,USA he is building up his Venusian world. Ehlenberger also creates geometeric abstract sculptures and wall pieces, some of which are similar to Kandinsky’s later paintings. You cannot fail to be bedazzled at the sight of these beautiful neon glowing objects especially the jellyfish series which is my favourite part of his work. These light sculptures are shimmering with perfection. You can view more of his work here…