Come walk with me through my Wisconsin zone 4/5 shade gardens. I will also give you a peek at my INEXPENSIVE WORM FARM. I have always been on a tight budget so dividing, seeding and propagating is now second nature to me. I love sharing my INEXPENSIVE ideas for making your gardens look great all seasons. But please remember your gardens should reflect YOUR PERSONALITY not a designers. Have fun and go create a special place for you, family and friends.

Baumans Greenhouse Gallery

Bauman’s has their annual Greenhosue Gallery event. We stop by to see some of the great art that they will have on display


In my Wisconsin zone 4/5 gardens Spring is welcomed with open arms. Our Winters are much too long. The sound of birds is lovely. My gardens are now 13 years old. I am a very passionate gardener. Self taught and always learning. I now participate in our local farmers market selling some of my perennials that have grown HUGE. I also open my yard and garden up for tours. Helping other gardeners who find great joy in being with nature. I also like to create garden art from metal and glass. Look for more of my videos in upcoming weeks. Thank you for taking the time to stroll through my gardens. My Art set to lovely piano music

If you’re driving around the Holy Hill area, you must stop in Colgate, Wisconsin and meet metal sculptor, Paul Bobrowitz Jr. Walk around his amazing 6 ½ acre sculpture garden filled with thousands of incredible sculptural works of art both large and small. Bring your camera!

If left untended, gardens can quite quickly and easily get out of control and look unattractive. A garden should be a place you can go to relax, to take in the fresh air and ideally be away from anything that resembles work. Alternatively, you may view your garden as your work away from work, as sometimes the act of weeding a garden or planting new seeds can take your mind away from certain things. In any case, occasionally it is worthwhile giving your garden a makeover to spruce up the area. Some of the best ways to do this are detailed below.

Sometimes a makeover may just mean repairing and restoring the garden to its former glory by cleaning the garden up as best you can. What this means is you have to cut the grass on your lawn, if you have one, and trim all the edges where the grass meets a fence, path or flower bed. You can also look at your flower beds and either re-plant everything or just add some fresh top soil. If you have paths running through your garden, sometimes weeds can grow through the stones and it takes very little time to remove them to clean up the lines and hopefully restore its beauty.

Sometimes, a spring clean is just not enough and you need to take a more drastic step to get what you want out of your garden. Before you start doing anything, what you should do is have a long, critical look at your current garden and decide what parts, if any, you like and whether you would want to carry those features over into your new garden. Be critical, but also be aware that any major changes are either going to take a lot of work or cost a lot of money, possibly even both.

With only minor modifications, it is assumed that you will be able to carry out the majority of the work yourself and will unlikely need a designer. However, with more major changes a design will be very useful, as will be some extra help in the form of landscape gardeners. When going through the design process, consider what kinds of places you like to go on holiday, where you feel relaxed and what you want the garden for. Every single well designed garden will have at least one focal point to draw the eye and you should consider the same for your garden, whether it be a small waterfall or fountain, a sculpture, a bench or seating area, or something else that is in keeping with the style of the garden but also stands out from it.

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one of my hobbies

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Yard Art

Happy Auer is always looking for the latest, greatest items. We found some really cool yard art at the Exhart showroom in AmericasMart.

My front yard major landscaping renovation

Well the time had come to renovate my families yard. Check the video out and please leave comments. It is not 100% done yet, but very close. We designed the whole thing A massive thank you to dave argot and his team for the stone work…. They do an amazing job. Thanks again for watching, please leave a comment