Full instructions and supply list: www.empressofdirt.net It’s easy to make garden art glassware flowers from old plates and dishes. You can attach the different pieces of glass together with a good silicone adhesive or drill holes in them like I’ve done here to permanently wire them together. To drill through a glass plate, you will need a diamond drill bit. I use 5/16″ size to make a hole large enough to thread 16 gauge wire through. For complete list of supplies and free instructions, visit my blog at www.empressofdirt.net There are also dozens of other free garden art projects at Empress of Dirt: Creative and Frugal Garden Ideas www.empressofdirt.net

Garden Art

www.patio-garden.org This short video shows some examples of art in the garden. Ornaments and sculptures like these add colour and character amongst the flowers, plants and landscaping. Garden Art is a fun subject for kids who are into making crafts at home. Make your own garden art for the lawn and yard! www.patio-garden.org

Come walk with me through my Wisconsin zone 4/5 shade gardens. I will also give you a peek at my INEXPENSIVE WORM FARM. I have always been on a tight budget so dividing, seeding and propagating is now second nature to me. I love sharing my INEXPENSIVE ideas for making your gardens look great all seasons. But please remember your gardens should reflect YOUR PERSONALITY not a designers. Have fun and go create a special place for you, family and friends. www.larksperennials.com

Bespoke garden table design proposal

Sketch stage See more work at www.helen-nock.co.uk

July 2011 Garden Art Show.m4v

Kanika Marshall opens her sculpture garden to interested collectors in the Sacramento, California area

Art in the Garden

We pay a visit to Garland Nursery to preview their up-coming Art in the Garden event that features 28 different artists

Come join me on a Winter walk through my yard to view some of my ‘YARD ART’. It is about 15 degrees and some deep snow that I am walking through, so I am sorry if the video is a little fast and bumpy. As you will see, I like rusty metal and shiny glass. The extreme texture of rusted metal and the glistening of the glass inspired me to create my art pieces. If you like nature and gardening come visit my website forum www.larksperennials.com We talk about gardening on a budget , tips and techniques. Gardening and art are my passions that I can pursue now that I am retired. I hope you enjoy the tour. www.larksperennials.com

Eric Ehlenberger Art

The artwork of Eric Ehlenberger. Eric Ehlenberger creates sculptures using neon lights and metal. His Venusian garden sculptures are a series of neon Jellyfish, flora and marsian like plants based on his imaginary vision of planet Venus. He combines free standing, wall mounted and hanging sculptures in exhibits to create an otherworldy marsian atmosphere. In his own glass light gallery in New Orleans,USA he is building up his Venusian world. Ehlenberger also creates geometeric abstract sculptures and wall pieces, some of which are similar to Kandinsky’s later paintings. You cannot fail to be bedazzled at the sight of these beautiful neon glowing objects especially the jellyfish series which is my favourite part of his work. These light sculptures are shimmering with perfection. You can view more of his work here… www.ehlenberger.com

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