This unique slideshow features a step creation of a chainsaw chain bar face with my drum playing in the background.

How to Weld a Sea Turtle from scrap metal

Metal Artist takes you step by step through the process of making a sea turtle out of scrap metal. It’s fun=). Don’t forget to visit my blog at Thanks!

metal chasing demo – puzzle

Metal chasing – Using the outliner or tracer tool on pitch.

Tortoise Sculpture Photo Documentary

From Flat Sheet Metal to Finished Work of Art. See how this 4′ tortoise sculpture was made – Step by Step. Hammer formed and welded from 16 gauge copper sheet, this hollow sculpture was filled with a plaster and vermiculite mixture. 175 lbs.

Tom Gingras metal sculpture artist

Metal Artist Instructor Tom Gingras teaching how to “burn a bridge” using a Cobra Torch. After silver metal clay charms have been fired in the kiln and burnished in the tumbler, Beth Hemmila from Hint Jewelry Design demonstrates how to create an antique finish with liver of sulfur. Steps covered in this demo include 1. Tools 2. Boiling water 3. Measuring liver of sulfur 4. Heating charms and dissolving liver of sulfur 5. Achieving a gunmetal gray patina 6. Cooling charms in cold water 7. Drying charms on a towel. For more metal clay resources, tips, and behind the scenes look at Hint Jewelry, visit my blog: