Garden Art This short video shows some examples of art in the garden. Ornaments and sculptures like these add colour and character amongst the flowers, plants and landscaping. Garden Art is a fun subject for kids who are into making crafts at home. Make your own garden art for the lawn and yard!

Art in the Garden

We pay a visit to Garland Nursery to preview their up-coming Art in the Garden event that features 28 different artists

Mythical Creatures – Kokopelli Metal Art

Bring this mythical hunch-backed flute player to your garden with your own  charming metal Kokoppelli.

Kokopelli found@ Video: A 3d rotation of my Kokopelli sculpture. Great for Garden art. This Metal art is unique and cannot be found in any stores.

Giant Panda Bear Metal Garden Sculpture

Metal garden sculptures come in all shapes and sizes, including this giant metal panda bear. – The Giant Panda is an endangered species. According to the latest report, China has 239 giant pandas in captivity (128 of them in Wolong and 67 in Chengdu), and another 27 pandas living outside the country. It also estimated that around 1590 pandas are currently living in the wild. However, a 2006 study, via DNA analysis, estimated that there might be as many as 2000 to 3000 pandas in the wild. Though reports show that the numbers of wild pandas are on the rise, the World Conservation Union (IUCN) believes there is not enough certainty to remove pandas from the endangered animal list.

Gray Wolf Metal Garden Sculpture

This howling gray wolf metal garden sculpture will draw some attention as it emerges from your bushes.

Wolf found@ Video: A 3d rotation of my Wolf sculpture. Great for Garden metal art. Protector of Gardens! This Gray Wolf Statue is made from 1 flat steel sheet, precision cut, welded, and then powder coated to produce a very unique wolf statue.