www.mylittlehomestead.com “Moving from the City to the Country” Recycling Metal Part 2 Metal Art using Recycled Corrugated Metal Sheets Here’s an idea for designing, making artwork using recycled corrugated metal sheets. The artwork helps to cover the blemishes on the recycled metal fence and helps increase the strength of the fencing material. The security gate is also decorated with metal cut out designs. These designs are added the courtyard fencing and gate to create a welcoming entrance. The free standing flower sculpture is placed in the garden area and the small freestanding sculptures are in the whiskey barrel flowerpot. Music Credits: Banana Moonshine by Dan O’Conner www.danosongs.com Music by DanoSongs.com Thanks for watching

Metal Yard Art At David’s Stove Shop

Bring your yard to life with Metal Yard Folk Art Sculptures. Great for the Yard, Garden, Patio, By The Pool, on The Porch, Lake House, Cabin or Indoors. Made from Recycled Scrap Metal. See them on Ebay stores.ebay.com

Metal Land – Sheet Metal Sculpture – Art

This art is a sheet metal sculpture that creates a 3-D painting of a Jurassic scene. This installation is made with recycled computer chassis by James Barker of Echo Valley Metal Design www.evmetaldesign.com

Serena Thirkell @ Worthing Museum and Art Gallery

Creeping into the Garden of Worthing Museum and Art Gallery are strange metal mythical creatures and monsters made by Sussex based artist Serena Thirkell. The title of this unique exhibition is ‘The Garden of Forgotten Engineers, Smiths and Bicycles.’ They are made from broken agricultural machinery, old garden tools and even dentist equipment. You will see in this video a rusty Belling heater becomes a large yellow bee and an old potato plough is transformed into a huge mantis. Serena saved these bits of metal from the scrap heap. The exhibition is a tribute to the unsung engineers and blacksmiths of Sussex. Part of a scrapbook series showing exhibitions at Worthing Museum and Art Gallery on the south coast of the UK. Made by one of the exhibition curators Hamish MacGillivray.

Tar Tar the Harmless Dragon is a kinetic sculpture. He’s made completely from recycled metal. “Kinetic” means energy in motion. He will move up and down for up to 10 minutes before stopping and if he’s placed outside he will constantly move gently in the wind. He came to be from the motorcycle springs and solid metal “feet” that were donated. I knew that the “feet” were heavy enough to hold a lot of leveraged weight easily. His body is made from some sort of steel ball float and his mouth is an old pair of metal calipers that were used with the pulley wheels on farm equipment to keep rocks and other debris from getting stuck between the pulley belts. For more info go to www.derekmcdonaldartworks.com

Dance of Being is a kinetic wind sculpture by noted artist Derek McDonald made completely from recycled found metal objects. Placed outdoors, this sculpture will dance around with mild to strong winds. The top part of the sculpture balances on a single pinhead made from a tungsten rod resting on the bottom half of the piece. The two halves are only connected by gravity. There is less than 1/64th of an inch joining the two halves allowing almost zero friction between the pieces allowing the top to spin for a long time. For more info go to www.derekmcdonaldartworks.com

Popular Local television series. Emily’s Garden is reality TV at its best! Join Emily and Jay of “Jays Garden Art” for some fun ways of recycling your trash into beautiful works of garden art!

Collections of dream-inspired art on metal

Enjoy this video which shows examples of how our art would look in a home. Visit our blog: www.hmsarts.wordpress.com for more images.

Crane birdfeeders yard art

Cranes that are birdfeeders. Welded out of recycled metal parts. Made by www.RRRelics.com