Metal Art: Lollipop Flower I think it be really fun to have a bunch of different colors of these in the garden or in certain sections of the lawn/yard. This is a DIY step step by vid on how to make one. Super simple and made from recycled materials team green go tree hugger upcycled materials steel

Come walk with me through my Wisconsin zone 4/5 shade gardens. I will also give you a peek at my INEXPENSIVE WORM FARM. I have always been on a tight budget so dividing, seeding and propagating is now second nature to me. I love sharing my INEXPENSIVE ideas for making your gardens look great all seasons. But please remember your gardens should reflect YOUR PERSONALITY not a designers. Have fun and go create a special place for you, family and friends.

In my Wisconsin zone 4/5 gardens Spring is welcomed with open arms. Our Winters are much too long. The sound of birds is lovely. My gardens are now 13 years old. I am a very passionate gardener. Self taught and always learning. I now participate in our local farmers market selling some of my perennials that have grown HUGE. I also open my yard and garden up for tours. Helping other gardeners who find great joy in being with nature. I also like to create garden art from metal and glass. Look for more of my videos in upcoming weeks. Thank you for taking the time to stroll through my gardens.

Come join me on a Winter walk through my yard to view some of my ‘YARD ART’. It is about 15 degrees and some deep snow that I am walking through, so I am sorry if the video is a little fast and bumpy. As you will see, I like rusty metal and shiny glass. The extreme texture of rusted metal and the glistening of the glass inspired me to create my art pieces. If you like nature and gardening come visit my website forum We talk about gardening on a budget , tips and techniques. Gardening and art are my passions that I can pursue now that I am retired. I hope you enjoy the tour.