TROUBLE – Memory’s Garden

TROUBLE – Memory’s Garden

Bronyfied – Brony Metal Medley

DESCRIPTION, MOTHERBUCKER! CAN YOU READ IT? —- Follow me on Facebook: —- Did you like the first medley I did? Hopefully, cause HERE COMES ANOTHER ONE! After quite a while of production, here is my new metal medley. This time, it’s 100% songs from the community. This is sort of my love letter to all the musicians in the community. If your song is in this medley, then you should know that you personally have inspired me to do what I do, and I’m forever greatful for that. If your song is not on this medley, then that doesn’t mean that I don’t love your music or respect you as a musician, it simply means that I didn’t feel like I could do your song justice, and I would’ve just raped it by doing it in this style. There are just SO many of you, and I couldn’t include everybody. Also, if you are the original author of any song in this medley, and you don’t wish your song to be affiliated in this, just let me know and I will take the song down. —- All the art you see in this video was made specifically for this video. I’d like to thank all the extremely talented artists who wanted to be a part of this. I love you all so much! And a special thank you to my friend PhantomBadger for being an awesome art manager and getting all of these people to join this project and handling the art business in general. Thank you all so very much! —- Song and artist list (for the love of Celestia, check these people out and support them!): 0:00-0:52 Intro (Glaze

Eternal Silence “The Art Of Deception”

Brought to you by Rock Garden Video

Tull live at the “Garden ” 1978 perform the Metal / Folk / Rock / Prog song “Locomotive Breath” …..

Well the time had come to renovate my families yard. Check the video out and please leave comments. It is not 100% done yet, but very close. We designed the whole thing A massive thank you to dave argot and his team for the stone work…. They do an amazing job. Thanks again for watching, please leave a comment