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metal art “Moving from the City to the Country” Recycling Metal Part 2 Metal Art using Recycled Corrugated Metal Sheets Here’s an idea for designing, making artwork using recycled corrugated metal sheets. The artwork helps to cover the blemishes on the recycled metal fence and helps increase the strength of the fencing material. The security gate is also decorated with metal cut out designs. These designs are added the courtyard fencing and gate to create a welcoming entrance. The free standing flower sculpture is placed in the garden area and the small freestanding sculptures are in the whiskey barrel flowerpot. Music Credits: Banana Moonshine by Dan O’Conner Music by Thanks for watching

Wacky Metal Flower Garden-Unique Metal Art

Welded Steel Sculpture with 3 pair of speakers built into it. Speakers in this video are playing 3 copies of a cd composed by the J3 Group. The 3 cd’s each had the tracks in different orders. The 3 pairs of speakers would play different tracks, be silent, or combinations of tracks. While they created the cd I created Semi Conductor Emissary here at my studio in Wauwastosa Wisconsin. Wauwatosa is in Milwaukee County near Lake Michigan.

Metal Art Sculpture “The Dancing Dawn”

The creation of the metal sculpture, “The Dancing Dawn”, by artist Jeremy Cooper.

The creation of the metal sculpture, “The Harvester of Sorrow”, by artist Jeremy Cooper. Made out of 100% recycled metal

Crane birdfeeders yard art

Cranes that are birdfeeders. Welded out of recycled metal parts. Made by

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Metal Art Sculpture “Winds of Change”

The creation of a miniature, limited edition metal sculpture, “Winds of change”, by artist Jeremy Cooper.