www.mylittlehomestead.com “Moving from the City to the Country” Recycling Metal Part 2 Metal Art using Recycled Corrugated Metal Sheets Here’s an idea for designing, making artwork using recycled corrugated metal sheets. The artwork helps to cover the blemishes on the recycled metal fence and helps increase the strength of the fencing material. The security gate is also decorated with metal cut out designs. These designs are added the courtyard fencing and gate to create a welcoming entrance. The free standing flower sculpture is placed in the garden area and the small freestanding sculptures are in the whiskey barrel flowerpot. Music Credits: Banana Moonshine by Dan O’Conner www.danosongs.com Music by DanoSongs.com Thanks for watching

For your “soothing enjoyment” here’s a short video of the reflection pool in my back yard. For more information visit: www.MetalArtForms.com or visit us on Facebook: www.facebook.com

Garden Art DIY Easy Weld

Visit www.weldingforfun.com to learn more about how you can have fun and even make money playing with metal!

Welding Saw Blade Metal Art from junk metal

the-avant-garden.blogspot.com Please check out my blog for all kinds of other metal project ideas and artwork. Thanks for watching=)

Making traditional wrought iron gates

A video made by Irish television show “About The House” featuring the traditional wrought iron work of Foleys Forge. Foleys Forge was established in 1845 and we are predominately known for our high quality craftsmanship. All work is hand forged to the highest specification. At present we are working on wrought iron gates for Killeen Castle. Our restoration work has included the gates at Dalgan Park, Navan and also the gates for Lord Meath of Kilruddery House in Wicklow. To see examples of our work please see our online gallery at picasaweb.google.com or contact us at [email protected]

wrought iron garden bench

garden bench made to customers design,

Wacky Metal Flower Garden-Unique Metal Art

This unique slideshow features a step creation of a chainsaw chain bar face with my drum playing in the background.

SilverWare Dragonfly by HandyMetalWorks.com

HandyMetalWorks.com shows you how to take some scrap silverware along with a lifting rod from a car motor plus a nut and bolt to bring it all together making a metal art dragonfly. People love to put these in the garden or in planters next to plants. People will do a double take. Every one of these is an original one of a kind.

HandyMetalWorks.com presents to you how make a dragonfly out of old silverwareand and a lifting rod out of an old car engine. Plus a nut and bolt. This is a simple but cool project and these make great little additions to your yard or garden and it’s re-using material that would have gone to the dump or scrap yard.

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