Harvey Gallery brings you these beautiful, creative, artistic metal fountains. With or without water they are stunning to behold.

About Harvery Gallery: In the 30 years we’ve been sculpting, we’ve created thousands of sculptures for people who wanted a piece that’s tailored just for them, and didn’t know where to turn. This is the place! We have wall fountains, gorgeous iris fountains, massive fountains for corporate lobbies, and tiny fountains for your coffee table. Each one is custom made for you, one at a time! Sounds expensive. Nope! As a member of ASID, The American Society of Interior Designers, we work extensively with designers and architects.

Our favorite fountains are below. For the full selection visit our Harvey Gallery Fountains store page.

Harvey Gallery Moonlight Fountain
Price: $356.99

This fountain is small and very sweet. And what is more beautiful than the feminine figure? Nothing! It’ll fit into almost any décor, preferably something elegant. For those of you who want a quiet fountain, this one’s for you!Dimensions: 16″W x 6″D x 16″H -

Harvey Gallery Gabrielle Fountain

Gabrielle is currently the smallest spouting fountain we make. (In house we call her Gabby, because for her size she makes almost as much sound as her big sisters). If you have to keep the price down, and you can’t stand it anymore living without the wonderful sound of water… Gabby… uhh Gabrielle is for you. She spouts from two tubes and sounds like a trout stream.Dimensions: 18″W x 18″D x 18″H

Harvey Gallery Athena Fountain
Price: $443.99

Notice how all our fountains have girls’ names? Athena is Diana’s little sister (No, don’t run to your Bullfinch’s Mythology). We’re talking fountains now and pound for pound, nothing has a better sound. Athena has every wonderful aspect that Diana has. She’s just smaller.Dimensions: 24″L x 24″W x 26″H

Harvey Gallery Table Fountain
Price: $459.99

This fountain’s really cute. We think it’s a good size for lets see… putting on a table?Dimensions: 15″W x 22″H

Harvey Gallery Helena Fountain
Price: $599.99

Five irises, three lotus flowers and slightly larger all round than Athena.Dimensions: 36″W x 36″D x 26″H

Harvey Gallery Tiger Lily Fountain
Price: $665.99

This is a recent addition to our fountain line and to be honest, we didn’t design it; one of our customers did. Well, they picked the colors and the subject matter. I figured it would be…okay. I’m not that “into” orange usually, but this one proved me wrong. I love it! How cheerful can you get?Dimensions: Approx. 3′ diameter, approx. 22″H

Harvey Gallery S-Curve Fountain
Price: $713.99

The decorators LOVE this one because it goes with everything! Over the years, we have adorned our fountains with every sort of combination of flower, leaf, cat tail, bird and vine. If you need really good sound and need to color coordinate, this one’s for you!Dimensions: 30″W x 21″D x 35″H

Harvey Gallery Cherub Fountain
Price: $1019.99

You could put this fountain in your foyer, or perhaps a special area in your living room…bedroom? This one is really neat and really pretty. There’s faux stained glass, cherubs, and roses. Very fancy, yet at the same time tranquil.Dimensions: 20″W x 18″D x 36″H -Pump,

Harvey Gallery Will-O-Wisp Fountain
Price: $1045.99

This is another example of customer participation! Someone saw our gigantic Slab Tree Fountain on our website, loved, it but didn’t need something eight-feet tall. We scaled things down a bit — to inches instead of feet. It hangs on the wall and generates a wonderfully mellifluous sound. It’s a nice addition to our other fountains, in that it is strong, conservative, and still very friendly. You’ll like the sound.Dimensions: 28″W x 40″H

Harvey Gallery Zig-Zag Wall Fountain
Price: $1045.99

This is a brand new design for me and I’m really excited for a couple of reasons. First off, as I was making it, it occurred to me that this construction technique will allow for expansive modularized wall fountains, that meander down and entire wall! It’s the construction technique. You could literally cover any size wall with little trickling streams.Dimensions: 28″W x 52″H

Harvey Gallery Happy Fish Wall Fountain
Price: $1198.99

This would be an easy one to pigeon hole. Oh, that one’s for a children’s room! Well…maybe and maybe not. Not all art has to be dark and gothic, with angst and blood dripping. Some art can be well…happy. Isn’t it sad to think that when something is happy, it’s thought of as childish? Fight back! Get a happy fish fountain. How much is a smile worth?Dimensions: 27.5″W x 6″D x 48″H

Harvey Gallery Colored Glass Fountain
Price: $1,168.99

Yup, that’s glass all right. What you can’t see in the photo is how the back-lighting makes the glass glow! It’s dynamite at night, the glowing glass and the trickling water.Dimensions: 28″W x 48″H

Harvey Gallery Koi and Lotus Fountain
Price: $815.99

For those of you, not in the know, Koi are like goldfish (carp) only they can cost about 4000 times more. Wow! send me 20! Then plan on going into mourning if your cat eats one. Anyway… our koi fountain tranquilly depicts a koi pond with water streaming over each fish. If you are into Zen, Yoga, feng shui, you won’t be disappointed. The sound is terrific, and these koi will last forever!-Dimensions: 33″W x 48″H

Harvey Gallery Iris Fountain
Price: $1,429.99

The genesis for this fountain is a probably a bit self-serving. We just unabashedly LOVE irises. We’ve made a bunch of fountains that have a few irises here and there. But this one really scratches the itch… in spades. A dozen beautiful irises, lots of basins pouring water, and excellent sound. If you love irises the way we do, there is no other option.Dimensions: 35″W x 6′H

Harvey Gallery Diana Fountain
Price: $1,649.99

Diana is the flagship of our midrange fountains. She simply gorgeous, there’s no other word for her. She is what we put out in front of our shop. She sounds terrific!.. somewhere between a spring rain and a mountain stream. She is what we put on the cover of our brochures. Did we tell you that we like Diana? If you like water, falling water, and irises and lily pads, you’ve hit nirvana. What’s nicer, we designed her right, from ground up. Virtually maintenance free, and as easy to install as planting a small rosebush. Most of the installation time is filling up the basin. But then you plug her in and..it’s heaven.Dimensions: 63″ x 36″ x 12″D

Harvey Gallery Zen Fountain
Price: 2,415.99

I really believe I could hypnotize myself just staring at our Zen fountain for ten minutes. Our whole family is uptight by nature. We really need fountains! We need to hear the water and see the gentle action trickling down the wall. If life’s really getting to you, treat yourself to a little serenity. Ten minutes with the Zen fountain is like half an hour at the beach.Dimensions of Small Fountain – 30″W x 60″H -Dimensions of Large Fountain – 30″W x 96″H -

Harvey Gallery The Obelisk Fountain
Price: $2,006.99

Imagine your friends coming over for dinner. They step out of their BMW, slam the door, and observe a tall obelisk of copper with water streaming down. You just won! If you REALLY want to win, get two, one flanking each side of the door. These are seriously impressive.Dimensions: 30″L x 40″W x 70″H

Harvey Gallery Dragon Fountain
Price: $2,144.99

If you’re reading about our dragon fountain, then I don’t have to convince you that dragons are really neat and magical. There are hundreds, perhaps thousands of different types, all with their own stories and magic powers. If you live in a small castle, if you just like the idea of having dragons guarding your house…well here ya go!Dimensions: 36″L x 42″W x 42″H.

Harvey Gallery Slab Tree Fountain
Price: $4,766.99

This particular fountain is in a medical building in Virginia. It’s eight feet high and about six feet wide. Hammered on the face is a beautiful spreading tree, colored in the copper patinas. At the bottom are lily pads and irises and around the perimeter are leaves. This one is, in a word, spectacular! And the sound! Close your eyes and you’ll swear you’re by a stream!Dimensions: 6′ W x 8′ H

Harvey Gallery Weeping Willow Fountain
Price: $5,277.99

The Weeping Willow was created as a fountain as well as a room divider. We wanted it pretty, yet light and airy, with a tree and water. Well…this is what we came up with. It’s a quiet fountain, and rather tranquil and it showcases yet another way that a fountain can be introduced into a room.Dimensions: 8′ W x 6′ H

Harvey Gallery Blues Player Fountain
Price: $6,095.99

To say that a picture doesn’t do justice to this fountain is a gross understatement. For one thing, Blues Player is eight feet tall…in the photo it appears to be about eighteen inches tall. the “strings” on the bass are actually one-inch thick copper pipe and the four jets are shooting approx. two feet in the air. This sculpture was created for a patron who lives out in California and a short chapter in our book, A Passion for Metal, addresses this piece.Dimensions: 5′ W x 8′ H

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