I am a big fan of outdoor art, so I am always on the lookout for sculptures in public places.metal sunflowers Last year I was having lunch with a friend in High Park in downtown Toronto. As I left the restaurant I was thrilled to behold several large, metal sculptures on the lawn outside. They were about ten feet tall and were of wild sunflowers or large leaved vines. Since I did not have my camera with me, my cell phone camera had to suffice, but I managed to take some great pictures of this metal garden art

One of my favourite city sculptures is the one outside an office building in Toronto. It is a bronze sculpture of about a dozen men and women in business attire, some with brief cases in hand, all walking purposefully down the street. It captures the busy city rush hour perfectly.

Some of the best art is not in galleries, but displayed outside for all to enjoy. From graffiti to outdoor statues, we are surrounded by beauty and creativity.