Adding metal sculptures to a garden is a lot like container gardening.

Container gardening is very popular because it allows you to add color and interest to any part of your garden. As the seasons change, you can change the plants in your pots and move them around to bring new life to a dull spot. Metal garden sculptures allow you to do the same thing.

Although some of the larger sculptures are not quite as mobile as a potted plan, a lot of the smaller ones are very light weight. From statuesque bronzes to recycled metal art the possibilities are endless. So many creative imaginative artists are working with all forms of metal that you are sure to find something to liven up your garden.

Heron Standing Art

Price: $59.95

Unless you haunt the marshes of their natural habitat, it?s unlikely you?ll get a chance to appreciate the natural beauty of this unique bird, so we?ve brought you the next best thing ? a heron standing art sculpture. As a fascinating touch amongst indoor potted plants, or outdoors around a fish pond, this bird draws the eye for its size, and the intricate craftsmanship that has gone into reproducing the natural bird. Double your pleasure by searching for our other heron standing art offering. Removable patio base. 21 x 43.5 inches.

Bird Garden Sculpture

Price: $259.97

Imagination and more, takes flight in this fascinating piece of outdoor d├ęcor art. It?s a bird garden sculpture like you?ve never seen before. Gently curved strips of metal provide the flight path for three geese rising from their marsh into the evening sky. Fascinating design that pairs inspiration and real life with outstanding craftsmanship to create a focal point for your yard that is a guaranteed eye-catcher. Wonderful gift for special occasions like anniversaries. Metal. 23 x 10 x 41 inches.

Soaring Heron Balance Sculpture
Price: $219.99

The soaring heron sculpture brings a kinetic element to your garden as he gently sways and swings with the wind (or the touch of your hand). Cut from metal with a 34-inch wingspan, the heron is balanced upon a sturdy horseshoe-shaped metal base that is easily placed in any yard. Handcrafted in Oregon, the sculpture is powder-coated to protect against the elements.
Frilled-Neck Lizard Sculpture
Price: $249.99

An icon among Australia’s diverse animal population, the Frilled Neck Lizard features a frill of skin that flares out to ward off enemies and to court mates. Our metal artist fashions the impressive frilled lizard in an imaginative welded sheet-metal sculpture, ready to enliven indoor or outdoor spaces. Standing 20″ tall, the Frilled Neck Lizard Sculpture features laser-cut details, quality welds, glass eyes and intricate steel teeth. Skillfully handcrafted in the USA.