If your yard is looking a little unexciting and lacking in character, it could be time for you to add some metal garden decor. Garden decor can be playful or practical. It can be used to add structure and form to a uninspiring landscape or to add an eye-catching focal point to your yard.

When designing a garden, structure is extremely important. One easy way to add definition and structure to a garden is with a big metal archway. They are simple to setup and require minimum maintenance. Add a climbing rose or vine and the covered metal arbor will entice your visitors to walk through and discover the secrets beyond the doorway. Metal trellises aren’t just functional plant supports. They are often creative pieces of art that are gorgeous on their own. Even without plants they add vertical interest by drawing the eye upwards into the garden.

For bird lovers metal bird baths and bird feeders offer a spot for their feathered friends to rest and recover. Migratory birds often travel thousands of miles and look for safe havens on their long journey. Add a beautiful metal birdbath and squirrel-proof bird feeder and you will have many grateful guests.

Copper rain chains replace ugly downspouts with attractive copper chains and cups which direct the water down from the roof. Also referred to as “kusari doi”, rain chains originated from Japan centuries ago and were used to capture rainwater in basins below. A copper rain chain turns a dreary downspout into a elegant water feature as the rain gently cascades down the copper. Soothing to the ears as well as the eyes they are a pleasure to behold.

Many people use metal garden decor to add style to their yards. Large bronze or stainless steel sculptures tend to be focal points in large gardens. More commonly people add smaller sculptures, stakes or wall art to generate interest or liven up a dull spot. Some pieces are surreptitiously placed and surprise or delight when they’re discovered. A metal cat may sit on a fence or an alligator lurk within the bushes. A metal frog can be found climbing up the trellis. Have your flowers started to fade? A colorful metal sunflower or two will fill the holes.

Metal garden decor is a fun way to improve your outdoor living space and add your personal touch.

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