Gnome be Gone

Gnome be Gone I have never been a big fan of garden gnomes, so I had a good chuckle when I first saw a "gnome-be-gone." I am obviously not the only one who wishes to banish these pesky creatures from their garden! The "gnome-be-gone" on the other hand is more than welcome in my house or garden.

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Gnome-Be-Gone UFO Metal Sculpture

Gnome-Be-Gone UFO Metal Sculpture

The original Gnome-Be-Gones invaded our yards to rid flowerbeds of European gnomes. Now, their cousins are invading from the sky, sitting at the controls of a large UFO outfitted with laser guns! Measuring 14" wide, the spacecraft easily sits on it's feet or can be hung from a hook or tree. Handcrafted entirely from reclaimed metals in Utah, the UFO is designed develop a natural rust patina outdoors.

Gnome-Be-Gone Garden Avengers

Gnome-Be-Gone Garden Avengers

For years, the original Gnome-be-Gone sculptures have worked to scare off those pesky garden gnomes. Now, dressed as their favorite mighty superheroes, the Gnome-Be-Gones are finding new and creative ways to disburse justice on gnomes and avenge the garden!

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