Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder Although I love squirrels, sometime I want to feed just the birds, and this is where a squirrel proof bird feeder comes in handy! Our selection includes many different styles to fit any decor and many types of wild birds.

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Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder - The Magnet

Squirrel Proof Bird  Feeder - The Magnet

OverviewThe Magnet Squirrel-Proof Feeder features four, weight-activated perches designed to support songbirds, but collapse under the weight of squirrels and large birds like doves, jays and starlings. Small independent magnetic perches release under weight exceeding 3 ounces (85grams). No batteries, no motors, no springs! Stainless steel locking washers prevent squirrels from prying open the aluminum lid. Holds up to 7-1/2 pounds of seed. Made in the USA. Attracts songbirds, humanely discourages squirrels and larger birds Rust-proof reinforced base, steel hanger and locking washers Locking, powder-coated aluminum lid and 4 die-cast metal perches collapse under weight of squirrels and larger birds Generous, 7-1/2 pound seed capacity Made in USAMore InfoDimensions 7" dia. x 20-1/2"H

52"L Swing-Arm, Screw-On Hanger

52"L Swing-Arm, Screw-On Hanger

Our Squirrel Proof Globe-Style Thistle Seed Bird Feeder keeps greedy squirrels and nuisance birds from devouring your expensive birdseed. The simple cage design lets your favorite little songbirds in and allows for excellent viewing. Optional 52"L Swing-Arm Hangers provide an easy way to keep bird feeders away from the deck so they don't make a mess. Powder-coated 1/2" rolled steel and solid brass end caps. Available in two styles: Clamp-On Hanger fits railings up to 2"W; Screw-On Hanger mounts flush to any surface. Hangers hold up to 10 lbs. Globe Feeder Holds approx. 3-1/2 c. of thistle seed. Durable metal globe with powder-coat finish. Easy to fill and clean. Squirrel-proof thistle feeder with protective squirrel-resistant cage Helps keep squirrels from devouring food Attracts delightful songbirds Holds 3-1/2 c. of thistle seed Durable metal with powder-coat finish Size Globe Feeder 11-3/4" dia. x 12-1/2"H Swing-Arm Hangars 52"L Clamp On Hanger fits railings up to 2"W

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