Wonderful World of Metal Garden Art

collage_banner2Spring is definitely in the air. As I take stock of my garden and plan what new flowers and shrubs I will be adding, I also visualize where I will be putting all my wonderful metal garden art.

Every year as I traverse the garden shows and nurseries I am also on the lookout for interesting metal sculptures to add color and interest to my garden. From recycled metal art to life size bronze sculptures there is something for ever taste. Because of its durability and the design possibilities it presents, metal is the perfect material for the garden and artists are embracing it to create wonderful imaginative pieces.

Recycled steel is often used to create metal garden art. Old steel oil drums and oil tanks, cast off bicycles and tricycles, these all provide the raw materials for some of the most delightful recycled metal sculptures I have seen. A visit to artist Jean Pierre Schoss’ (Dog Bite Steel) studio in Uxbridge, Ontario left me grinning like a kid in a candy store! All his work, including the 10 foot moose, the tricycle critters, the dogs with bones and the colorful flowers are all made from reclaimed steel. Add an artist’s imagination and the possibilities are endless!

Bronze sculptures are timeless and certainly add class and grace to any decor. Normally when I think of bronze sculptures I think of serious, stately pieces of art. However when flipping through my garden magazines recently I saw some wonderful pieces of children playing, flying kites, dancing, doing cartwheels and generally enjoying life. Fun and classic at the same time.

If you are looking for something a little more interesting than garden gnomes, explore the wonderful world of metal garden art. From recycled metal to bronze sculptures you will find something to excite your imagination.

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