Metal garden art can be whimsical, playful or or even formal

But one of the best things about it is that it can be left outside all year-round, to delight your senses 365 days of the year

copper bird feeder
metal garden stakes
metal garden sculpture

Discover creative, colorful, and playful metal garden art

metal yard art in the snow

Metal Yard Art – For Year-Round Style & Color

No yard is complete without at least one work of marvelous metal yard art. Even the most die-hard gardening purists have been seen quietly sneaking an item or even two into their backyard. Considering the variety of artists working in this field, and the selection of materials to pick from, the options are endless. Whatever your

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metal garden art bronze feet

The Wonderful World Of Metal Garden Art

As you wander through a garden, large or small, you may suddenly be faced with a strategically placed work of metal garden art. Although puzzled at first, you move closer to get a better look and are surprised to discover that those are not ducks in the pond, but bronze feet appearing to walk across the

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