Sunnydaze Rippled Slate Indoor Water Fountain with Copper & Spotlight – 48-Inch


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This slate indoor/outdoor water fountain will add modern zen to any indoor living space, patio, or yard. Each fountain features slate construction and has a flat back making it perfect for placement along a foyer, hallway, dining room, or garden wall. The rippling slate design paired with the natural copper middle piece makes for a truly stunning design. Instantly relax at the sounds of flowing water from the top of the fountain, down the rippling face and into the basin where it recirculates through a submersible electric pump. In addition, this feature also includes a spotlight located on the bottom that shines up on the fountain to accent it as though it were a piece of art. Plus, no plumbing is required; simply plug the fountain into a standard outdoor electrical outlet once it has been assembled and filled with water.

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Sunnydaze Decor