Haitian Tree of Life, Decorative Wall Sculpture, Home Decor Wall Hangings, Family Tree, Roots, Flowers, Hand Made in Haiti 23 in. x 23 in. Chirping Tree

The center of Haitian metal sculpture is the village of Croix-des-Bouquets, where the clanging sound of hammers striking chisels is a constant music. To begin, the artist chalks his design onto the metal. Chisels, dies and a large hammer are used to cut and shape the piece, giving it form and texture. When the highly intricate and physically demanding work is complete and the artist is satisfied with his work, he signs his name boldly with a small chisel and applies a clear, weather-proof coating. The result is a wonderful, fair trade piece of handcrafted art.A few nails and a hammer are all you'll need to hang your sculpture. Look for a place where the design is joined or notched and put the first nail there. Use a second and possibly a third nail, if the piece is large, in other joined or notched design elements within the sculpture to straighten and secure it to the wall. The nails will "disappear" with the piece. Simple as that.Before this sculpture left the workshop in Haiti, a clear, weather-proof coating was applied to protect it from the elements. If it is displayed indoors, you'll never have to lift a finger, but if it is going to go outside, you might want to apply a spray-on clear coat yourself once a year to retain it's glossy patina.


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