Solar Spinner Wind Chime

Large Hanging Solar Spinner Wind Chime represents all your favorites in one unique piece. A feast for the senses, this dynamic piece of yard art will delight you day and night with its color, motion, sound and light. The brightly painted metal hanging design features a dual-rotor scroll spinner (one side is smaller than the other for a great visual effect) with solar crackle glass orbs on each side that glow after dusk. Plus, there's a full-size wind chime suspended beneath. The solar panel is integrated into the top of the chime for a seamless look. Every color of the rainbow is depicted in the bright, long-lasting outdoor finish.

Size: 15"W x 10"D x 66"L

Was: $99.95 Now: $69.88

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Angel Chime Garden Spinner

Angel Chime Garden Spinner

Our Angel Chime Garden Spinner features two hammered metal angels that hover above wispy clouds and pivot around a central axis, arms raised to strike a small bronze bell at the top of the spinner as they pass. Durable and beautiful, it looks great staked anywhere in your yard or garden. At 4'H, it provides visual variety to your flower beds, garden and landscape.

Galaxy Wind Spinner

Galaxy Wind Spinner

This galaxy wind spinner is as beautiful at night as it is during the day. It features an integrated solar panel, delivering a show around the clock. Woven blades that resemble pretty, delicate wings are adorned with faceted gems that sparkle. Alternate blades are hammered and painted in fun colors. There are two propellers, each spinning in the opposite direction of the other for a fantastic visual display. This makes a great gift and collection to your yard art. Size: 24" dia. x 75"H

Holiday Hanging Swirl Garden Wind Spinner, in Santa

Holiday Hanging Swirl Garden Wind Spinner, in Santa

Hang a Swirl Spinner in your yard to celebrate the holidays. Each metal spinner is delightfully painted in cheerful colors and is topped with a detailed seasonal icon with a holiday themed charm at the bottom. Hang on a tree or from a porch, tree or deck and enjoy them twirling in the breeze. Hanging hook included. A delightful decorating idea!


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